Friday, June 18, 2021

Two blue from Janet. - (pondering)

Top one, photocopy - came inside the one below.
Both are very pretty.

Here's another one that has been cancelled twice. I wonder if I am ever going to get myself together to request a meeting with someone at the USPS who can answer all our questions about how the mail goes through the canceling machines.

I had to delete today's add-on, so I get to insert a topic that has come up quite recently. One of you who enjoyed the rants was surprised to learn that there were quite a few people who let me know they enjoyed the rants. Additional conversation ensued about why people might enjoy the ranting of others. It seemed like it might be worthy of further discussion here. 

Something else I noted -- it was surprising how many people enjoyed the serial-story that was silly. So, I thought maybe I should come up with more chapter stories or chapter topics.

Then I decided that it doesn't matter what I write - those who show up daily just like the consistency.

After 2020 and all the weirdness and adjusting to some significant changes, we are now inundated with observations about the next stage. I'm sticking to a modified hunker-mode because there are too many reports of virus-variants. I don't want to go back to my 2019 routine if at some point, we all have to face another 2020 situation. 

The blog seems to be the only *constant* in my life. Everything else is fluid. Except death and taxes. Lucky for me MrWilson is in charge of taxes. 

Trust me, I will try to stay off the topic of death - because it is not a popular topic. Although I have to add something to my comments about leaving something for my kids to read after I'm gone. I've always wanted to leave a stack of mail for my pen pals (blog readers) - to be mailed after I am gone. The idea still appeals to me, so, if the pandemic turns into a lengthier ordeal, I might find time to start that stack, too. Lucky for me, I have a postal worker in the family who will make sure they get mailed. He accidentally bought a whole roll of flag stamps. He deeply regrets his purchase. I might offer to trade some good ones because it will take him decades to use up his flag stamps. 

The thought of my fellow exchangers getting an unexpected envelope from me -- with a flag stamp - cracks me up. They'd think, "What's going on with her? Has she lost her marbles?" Then they'd open the envelope and find out - I was beyond the marble-losing stage. Of course, I have ruined the impact of that whole scenario by telling you about it. But -- now I have an opportunity to think of something even MORE creative/clever. 

How many people thought - Oh, no. Ashes.

Don't worry. I'm peculiar. But not THAT peculiar.

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