Wednesday, June 23, 2021

HB to G3 - two cakes (Gary Clough)

 Two fun cake themed envelopes (Patty (top)  and Lynne (bottom) - both fine ideas to steal.

B+ -- possible inspiration for everyone since it is not primarily calligraphic.
I can stall my announcement of the Chuck-motivator by sharing a wonderful find. Chuck alerted me to the work of Gary Clough. Oh.My.Gosh. His work reminds me of Chucks. It is also chock full of good ideas for envelopes where you fill a space and then leave room for the stamp and the address.

He has many different *paths* - although that might not be the right word. I highly recommend you check out his IG account. I chose just one - which is a fairly simple layered pattern. It does not give even a hint as to how wide ranging his work is.

Thanks, Chuck. I appreciate all the fun stuff you send my way.

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