Wednesday, June 16, 2021

HB to G3 from GraceH. ---- (comparison)


This one is very cool in how it is constructed.
There is a fold on the edge and opens like a book.

This is the back
and below it the inside.
I had a very *paper bag* feel which I liked a lot.


I hope you liked the rather long post yesterday. Every time I read through it, I am amazed at how many details I have forgotten. And then I think that I am an idiot for even trying to write well-written blog posts. And then I tell myself, "Technically, you are not even trying to write well because technically, you have not had any instruction on how to write. You just jabber." 

Once again, I am reminded of a favorite saying: Comparison is the thief of joy.
There is no point in comparing my writing to the writing of a Pulitzer Prize winner.
I won that international penmanship award that one time - so, I've accomplished what I need to accomplish. And none of my kids ended up in prison or the tabloids - so A+ in parenting.
I've got my 1,297,420+ page views -- that's incredible.

Balance. That's what I can be satisfied that I bring to the table. A steady diet of only the very best writing would be monotonous. I provide those ordinary sandwiches that you have when you don't get around to making or ordering something wildly exciting.

Note to self: add some tips on figuring out meals because when you were whining about making meals, there were a few people who let me know that they, too, struggle with meal making.

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