Friday, April 16, 2021

To Leslie and GraceE - Stamp-stamps - no. 11-12 (The Artist's Toolbox)

Neither of these jump out as being better than the other one. 
The S in LESLIE is what I should have done on the S in FRASER that I mentioned a week ago.
It is possible that we are done with this series. 
While it was enjoyable for me and I imagine I will return to my rubber stamping some day - I'm guessing it's not that interesting to the readers.

On Mar 26th, I finally felt better (after the head cold) and remembered to check my spam. Oh.My.Gosh. There were 4 or 5 comments that people had left on the blog that I did not see. So, they are now posted. But, I get mad at myself for forgetting to check spam every day. I appreciate the comments that are sent and feel bad when I look like I am ignoring them.

Here is a nice rabbit hole - I have only watched one. It is the one where the host of the series interviews his father who died recently. The father, Hugh Newell Jacobsen, was an architect with a very strict design sense. Many of his homes had roof lines that were based on a 45-degree angle. So in some ways, they looked like the most generic style of house that a kid would draw. And yet, he was able to bring a beautiful understated elegance to the very basic shapes. I imagine his style is a bit too severe for a lot of people - but I like it. I hope I remember to go back and watch the other interviews. 

I'm guessing they are pretty good because they include people from everywhere on the artistic spectrum.


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