Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Our New Hampshire pen pals + trip report

Remember our new pen pals in New Hampshire - the nice people at the post office in NH where our dear pen pal, Sam Price, had her dad buy stamps and have mail postmarked? I have a folder with images that are waiting to be posted and realized that it's been a year since Sam passed away. I still have a folder of emails from Sam and will still get around to sharing some of the profound things that she wrote to me. 

It was nice of Sam's postal workers to track down the exchange - and I hope that things are fine in NH. Leslie sent envelopes to all the clerks when I put out the call for extra envelopes to postal workers. And Leslie also shared photos with me. This is a friendly reminder that I am always happy to get photos from any of you who are willing to share.

If you are new to the blog - do a search for Sam or Samantha and there will be quite a few envelopes that pop up. Also a search for *Leslie* will provide lots more.


I forgot to add the trip report yesterday. My daughter and SIL did some pretty exotic traveling prior to having kids. They have scaled back since having kids, but they still do things with the kids that I have never done - so, to me, the kids have been to some pretty fun places. Charlevoix, MI, Door County, WI and Disneyland. The kids really enjoyed the first two because they were at really nice AirBNBs with boats and beaches. Obviously kids like Disneyland. And for the past two summers, they have spent a week at my house in Duh Moines while their parents have a stay-cation. So, I asked them which vacation has been the best - Disneyland, Michigan, Wisconsin or Nanna's house - and they exclaimed with enthusiasm, Nanna's house. I didn't think I would beat out Disneyland. So that was fun.

We actually have an amusement park in Duh Moines. I wonder if I can tolerate going. I wonder if it will be considered safe this year. Something to ponder. I am not an amusement park aficionado. 

and last but not least -- WOW -- fabulous mail arrived while I was gone. I am looking forward to posting it. Thank you SOOOOOO much.

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  1. How interesting to see New Hampshire pop up in your post....I am from NH as well but now reside in Maine...just over the border a bit.
    I enjoy reading your blog though I don't always post a comment.