Thursday, April 8, 2021

Blue LOVE to Jess and Lynne (squeaking rant)

 It would have been fun to have a photo of Jessica's before I added the hearts. It was barf-worthy. I was dee-lighted when something as simple as those hearts turned it into something that was happy and would not give the USPS fits.

I'm medium happy with Lynne's although it might be a bit too much blue. I do find her name challenging because of the length of her last name. Same with Jessica's - although I'm getting a lot better at anticipating her two names. The more I letter a name, the more I learn about what looks good. I've done Lynne's name enough times that I could get it to fit p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y without penciling. And you know how rarely I even aim for perfection. Technically - never. I only aim for precision - so when I hit perfection, it's a little ray of sunshine.

Fingers crossed I don't mess up when I do the street, etc. I've pondered making mailing labels for the addresses on exchanges. The Flourish Forum has had a discussion going about how people who do traditional copperplate addressing have had the USPS return them as unreadable. I find that a bit hard to believe. Although, it was said by people who I've corresponded with and I do believe them.

I have not taken time to delve into it. One person said they went in to the post office to see what the problem was - and the clerk just shrugged. I know the USPS has a few employees who are sorta *out there.* I wish they would hire me to recruit employees. My son and I are always identifying people who would be stellar USPS workers -- they just don't know it. I think they need some cool spokes-people. The only time they had any positive publicity from a spokesperson was Lance Armstrong and that sorta blew up. 

My new project: find some cool spokespeople for the USPS. Lemmekno if you have any good ideas.

I did hear a segment on NPR about some of the new things that the USPS could offer to nudge them into some other categories. They might have been good ideas. The only one I can remember is ATM machines. Seems odd that they didn't jump on that one a long time ago.


Small rant - in late Feb - the painter is here as we near the end of our massive renovation project at the 420 -- and his roller is squeaking. Intermittently. Oh.My.Gosh. I thought some of those other construction noises were bothersome. This one is at a frequency that is hitting somewhere in the inner sanctum of my brain. My apologies -- there is no reason to whine about something as insignificant as a squeaky roller.


Lynne's envelope rode to the PO with the other envelopes, but, I held it back so that I could make that blue a little darker with colored pencil. It is not dramatically better. But at least it is not worse.

Actually, there is a legitimate disorder and I probably have it. Misophonia. And for some people there is just one noise that makes them upset. Like fingernails on blackboard. That is a common one. My daughter has one that we think is very interesting. It started when she was a kid and it still makes her very unsettled if she hears it. It is the sound that a ball of cotton makes when you pull it out of a pill bottle. Isn't that odd? We were talking about it and wondered if other people have any similar sounds that they are really sensitive to. Feel free to tell us about it in the comment section or if you prefer to remain anonymous, tell me about it in an email.

Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstance.

A friend of mine tells me that the sound of a pizza box opening causes her distress - and she likes the pizza. That inspired me to look for more unique sounds that are bothersome. So far, I have only found lists of the most common bothersome noises.

Here is just one of several articles (from The Google) that lists some of the most common troublesome noises.

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