Tuesday, May 4, 2021

From Glen to Leslie - Learning my lesson

 This is a gorgeous envelope from Glen Epstein to Leslie. It is an old address, so we do not have to blur it. Glen passed away a while back. He taught calligraphy at the U of Iowa as well as workshops for calligraphy guilds. 


Remember when I had a series of posts whining about my cold that Mr Wilson gave me when he dropped me off in Chicago? My punishment for being a whiner was that I caught the bug that was being passed through the kids who go to school - on the last day of my trip - and spent the following week in bed. I was too sick to even write posts and I am way behind on scheduling posts. 

The good news is that I have at least 50 envelopes ready to photograph and post. The bad news is - I'm struggling with my writing these days. So, I will apologize ahead of time for the blah-ness of the blurbs. At least the envelopes will be lots of fun. And you will not have to listen to me whine about my own work or anything else for that matter.

I even found a folder with emails from Leslie - and there will be quite a few from Leslie.

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