Thursday, December 8, 2022

Leafy border to Sharon - Derwent wash pencils

Sharon does some really nice illustrations on her envelopes and I thought I should spend a little extra time on hers and see if I could nudge myself into something more illustration-ish. I was OK with the border - but chickened out when it came to doing much of a wash. Then I couldn't find a good stamp. I thought this yellow border would be enough to tie them together - but - they aren't harmonizing because the border is organic and the stamp is too un-organic. 

I like the way the name came out. The envelope looked better than the photo does. I think I might have been able to tie the two together if I had done white lettering on a black rectangle  (or even a gray rectangle) -- but that would have been a complicated path to take. It was unlikely that I could accomplish it on the first try - and I had so much time invested in the border - that I wasn't going to risk messing it up. 

Maybe I can try again - if I have more of those stamps.

I actually remembered to take a photo of the pencil. It's a Derwent Sketching Pencil - Medium wash. I don't know anything about them - maybe there are levels of wash that are less or more than Medium. What would they be called? Light and Dark? Yup - I Googled -- that's what they are. 

Why is there a return address label on my pencil? I used to label all all my supplies that I took to the classes and workshops I taught -- so that I wouldn't lose things. One time I had a box full of markers and pens and was doing some envelopes on an airplane - sitting next to a stranger. I knew he was looking over at what I was doing - and I wanted to explain why I had my name on all my pens. I thought I might look like some kind of eccentric person. I'm fine with being eccentric - just not in that direction. 

Then I switched to just putting colored tape on all my stuff. Too bad washi tape had not been invented yet.

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