Friday, January 14, 2022

Maggie's Dec envelope (cupid-santa)

I saw some images on Maggie's IG before this arrived and was looking forward to seeing it in person. That stamp is perfect with the gold and black. Not doing any holiday mailings has left me with an empty spot so now I have a yearning to do something like this.

Perhaps I can figure out a way to valentine-ize it.

Even the back is pretty - and that is exactly how it arrived with that sticker over the return address.
Below is the card that was inside -- it's so cute. I wonder if it could be turned into a cupid. Do cupids require scanty apparel? I can't even remember if they have wings. What the heck are they? More on this topic coming up.

When I came back to review this a day before it pops up, I had no memory of what I'd written and no idea about what I might add to the topic - unless it was research into what cupids are - or maybe cupid is just one *creature* - like Santa.


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