Monday, May 23, 2022

Sharon's other April mailing (boring rant)

 This is the other one from Sharon that I knew would be popping up. Nice combo with the stamp. Grrr at the cancel - it's too bold. I am writing this on Mother's Day. Hunter says he is bringing me something. I wonder what he has in mind. He knows that I object strenuously to setting aside specific days to do something fairly simple that you should do Every.Dang.Day. This isn't a very interesting rant. I think I'll switch it up and rant about the number of cracked eggs there are in the carton. I know they check them at the check out. So, the person who is in charge between the store and our fridge must be a tiny bit careless. Is it worth mentioning - nope. Am I going to allow myself a brief rant amongst my confidants. Yes. 

Let's go back and talk about how pretty those pansies are. I love pansies. Is this the year I plant some flowers. No. This is the year I ponder the possibility of getting ahead of the weeds. That's never happened. But, we can dream.

OK - the blog posts keep flip-flopping between whether I am going to participate in the exchanges or not. I predict endless flip flopping because these either way works. 

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