Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A batch from Leslie - (aging)

Thank you Leslie for sharing this whole batch. It really fun to see several that were done at the same time to see the variations on the envelopes and also the coordinating birthday card. Those stamps were so nice. Mine are long gone.


 It's morning, so in theory the posts should be better. But, the coffee is not doing its trick. I guess I will have to resort to random weird topics that flit through my head. This one might qualify as a public service announcement.

How to tell if you need to enlist some help because you are getting too old to manage your meds. Here is my favorite *thing* that prompted a son and daughter-in-law I know to butt in. The son's parents (in their 80s) were so frustrated with all the pill bottles that they just poured all the pills for both of them into one big ziplock bag. And then relied on their memory as to when to take them and how many and which ones. Yikes.

I read The Far Side every day. This one seemed like a good one to re-post:

Additional apologies for this seemingly endless topic.

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