Tuesday, May 24, 2022

From Jessica - A&B&H gifts

Fun details off the stamp are always a good way to go. The Happy Birthday stamp is growing on me.
Below are the items my grandkids picked out for me. Sticky notes that look like a brick of ramen noodles. Nanna loves ramen noodles even though she doesn't eat them very often. She is perplexed as to why the grandkids do not like them. They also chose a darling eraser - shaped like an ear - so it is an Earaser. And a lovely set of pencils. Nanna likes pencils.

I was impressed with the Mother's Day gift that Hunter brought. Boxed mac and cheese. And it was the Walmart house brand. Even though I prefer homemade food - boxed Mac and cheese works for me when I need something easy. I had told Hunter about reading a review that rated the various brands of boxed Mac and cheese - and it said the Walmart's was actually the *best.* He knows that I will not set foot in a Walmart - so he kindly darkened their door - and brought 3 flavors. We sampled one and it's not remarkable, but it wasn't bad. We will have to sample the other 2 before we decide.

Ironically, one of the most popular items when Hunter was in his food truck/restaurant years was his own recipe for Mac and cheese. As with most restaurant dishes - the secret ingredient was cream. He said he felt really guilty about how much cream was in it. We haven't tried this yet, but we might try making boxed Mac and cheese with cream.

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