Sunday, April 21, 2024

MAR to Susan - 2 items from Amy

I used the tool to remove the background from the photo and then when I inserted the photo of the envelope into the blog post - the background I had removed turned black and to be honest - it might have helped the design which was a resounding dud. I was using up my Pantone markers on some envelopes that were super nice paper. Poor planning on the spacing. 

Susan deserves something much better than this. The only reason I sent it without doing it over was that out of 20-22 envelopes for the month - at least half of them needed to be redone. Perhaps I am doing Susan a favor by sending things that she is happy to toss - because she might be running out of space. I penciled in her zip code and I have no idea how I finished this envelope. 
Apologies sent along with the deep regrets.

Amy sent a couple items - first a link to USPS podcasts. I have not listened to anything yet as I am on a majorly disciplined mission to resolve some hoard issues.

Amy also sent this link to something on TikTok - and I don't think I have ever been on TikTok. She says that you do not have to *join* - but, disciplined-Jean is doing the least amount of surfing possible - and trying a whole new platform sounds very counter productive to my mission.

Amy says it is a dad who does a daily drawing on his son's lunch bag
@popteez  -- if you know how TikTok works - I guess that's the address??

Thanks, Amy for helping fill the blog. 


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