Friday, April 5, 2024

FEB from Diana - vellum envelopes

We can see the postmark of Feb 12 and it arrived on March 9. Last month Lynne told me her clerk at her post office had suggested that the clear plastic envelopes did not conform to regulations. This is a vellum envelope - which is not the same as the clear plastic envelopes. It has the feel of paper but I really don't know if they are entirely paper or some kind of hybrid. I'm resisting the temptation to research.

LOL - I can't even type the word *temptation* before I know I am going to click - and allow myself one chance to find the answer. Of course - with the internet - we all know *for a fact* that no matter which *fact* you search - you will find it - along with the opposite of that fact - also purporting to be the fact - but, I digress. Apologies for not coming up with a more succinct way of saying that.

I found one place where it said that vellum envelopes were made out of Tyvek. That seems wrong. Maybe some day I will find the answer - but not today. 

Diana's flower/leaf patterns look like rubber stamping - which looks really nice on the vellum. I have about 100 vellum envelopes - so we might get to the bottom of this.


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