Monday, April 15, 2024

From Kate and Jessica - Red markers/craft stores

I forgot to put this bookmark in the post yesterday. Kate made it and it had something to do with tea bags. My self discipline is not allowing me to go search in the hard copies.

Below is the envelope from Jessica. Sticking with just red and white has me interested in doing something along those lines -- although I know that I have very few red markers. Here's a topic I could rant about.

Troy likes my rants and I know there is an email from him with a very good rant topic that I will have to dig out.

I was going to rant about not being able to buy red markers - but I realized that I need to look at a couple stores that I avoid. We no longer have an actual art supply store and the scrapbooking store has a very limited supply - so I need to figure out a way to enter a craft store. Do I need to explain why?

Also - the whole grammar thing and looking for words has drifted into the ozone. 


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