Tuesday, April 2, 2024

FEB from Christina - Laurie Doctor

 This was bumped on March 29th - and it was going to be in May - but somehow I had left April 2nd empty - so it gets to stay in the group of Feb envelopes.

This arrived from Christina. Very fun layout - perfect stamp and bonus artwork on the inside. The double cancel in two corners is a welcome addition to the design. I like dots. I see myself appropriating large dots in the future.


Another calligraphically inclined artist. I don't think I have linked to her previously. Lots to see on her website.


I'm on her list when she posts to her blog - which is not daily. This was her most recent post - you may read the whole thing by going to the website and clicking on [Musings] - and you'll have to scroll down if she has added any more after 3/4/24


When I discovered this weekend that all the files, the folders, everything I had written, and all the images too had disappeared from my laptop — I thought of the writer who told the story of coming down to her studio one morning after a storm, and saw the rain pouring in through the roof. After some moments of sitting on the stairs with her head in her hands she said to herself: First, I will write. Then I will figure out what to do with this roof. So here I am in my studio, beginning again with pen and paper. I am thinking of the title of my upcoming online class, grain of hope, and all the videos I prepared that have disappeared. This loss coincides in my mind with the growing sense of chaos, dread and danger for our world.

Nonetheless, I am even now beginning to feel restored by turning my attention to the inner world, and writing to you. What is the constant that holds us, the you that remains beneath every change and disaster? How long has the moon been disappearing and re-appearing, while orbiting this earth and witnessing every flood, fire and storm? The scientists estimate 4.5 billion years…


Tomorrow, it might be us - with the lost everything. (Jean's concluding musing)

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