Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FEB from Leslie

Loving the loveliness from Leslie.

Never mind what I wrote yesterday - the word search topic is alive and well. 

<snipped out a paragraph> too many words about finding words - which led to....


This is turning into an existential question. What am I doing? What are we doing? What do we want? 

Is the act of asking those questions just complete drivel?

OK - you need to know right now - there's no way that any of us are going to find answers to these questions. The blog was this thing I started because I had students who were wishing they could get *more* of something after the session of classes had ended.

More what? I don't think they were specific -- but, I interpreted it as a wish that they could get more of whatever they had gotten out of the class. What started out as an extension of a class is now just an abstract and virtual *gathering.* Or maybe it's something different for each person.


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