Monday, April 29, 2024

MAR to Sharon - third point from Troy's letter

This one came fairly close to being just fine. I had to find something to go with the last three 15-cent stamps - and the flag was perfect. I was happy with the green-E. It seems like it needed one more *something* but I couldn't think of anything - and while writing this after it's long gone - I'm still drawing a blank.


Imagine Andy of Mayberry wagging his head back and forth and saying, with a drawl - Troy, Troy, Troy - although it would sound better with a two-syllable name like Barney-Barney-Barney - or Gomer-Gomer-Gomer.

I'll give Troy the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was intended as a joke when he wrote:

...and I am running out of time before someone catches me allegedly not working.  (2) Then I would have to explain PTEX and how do you do that to a normal person? (3) 

Troy -- we ARE normal. It IS normal to have connections with fellow humans through things like mail art. My favorite part of the blog and exchange is that a bunch of us have a connection and we are all very normal. Being involved with something creative is a component of normalcy. Without any connection to creativity people have empty spaces and feel a little lost. When you have a creative outlet - it fills a need.

Of course - we have to keep this to ourselves. If we suggest it to *those other people* they will get fired up and crush us with their misguided energy...the energy that should be channeled into something creative. Duh. 

In a perfect world, creative outlets would be seen as essentials. Sadly - they've been re-framed as *pass-times.*  So sad. I'm too old to launch a campaign to address this issue - but, maybe the younger readers will embrace the concept and find ways to advocate for creative expression as an absolute essential.

Which reminds me.....

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