Monday, April 8, 2024

FEB from Cathy + Matt part 2

 Lovely pointed pen work from Cathy. I wonder if she does the same idea on all 5 of her envelopes and if she does - how does she handle the really long street names. In case I've been in a boringly perpetual positive attitude, I'll toss in a little whining here about long street names. Or maybe they aren't ever going to be an issue because I am steering myself towards layouts that block off the bottom inch of the envelope.


For those who thought that a film about a guy walking 8,000 miles would be boring - I don't really want to oversell the film. You have to trust your intuition. As I mentioned, I thought it was a bit slow in the beginning. Gradually, some themes pop up. Some of them surprise even Matt as they were just things that he noticed as he walked. They include things about people and about nature and about some man-made things. As I said, I don't want to spoil any of the themes - but there's one that was right up my alley. No - not postage stamps - that other thing that occupies every corner of my life.

There is a portion of the film that covers his walk across the US - from Rockaway Beach NY to Rockaway Beach OR. I really enjoyed that part and recommend sticking with the film until you get to that part - or maybe forwarding until you get to it - as I think it sets the tome for the rest of the film.

I guess I'll stretch this into a third day....

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