Friday, April 26, 2024

MAR to Juliana - PTEX cult

This was the page view tally yesterday at 6 am - I wonder if we are going to hit 2-million today.
Update: At 5:22 am today - it was 2,000,250.


This is the last (probably) Lichtenstein stamp and it seems like it needed something else. It is distracting to have both outlined and not-outlined - now that it is gone -- I think the solution would have been to outline the top name and then fill in the background so that there was a stronger dark band across the top.
Grrrr that I didn't think of that before I put the stamp on.

As mentioned yesterday, Troy gave me 4 topics. Maybe 5 - because I should address his designation of PTEX as a cult. That's one of those bell curve/spectrum words. Having a cult following in the art/music/theater/film world is a pinnacle of sorts. I could go on and on and on - but, a good cult leader would never do that....and if we have learned nothing else --- we should all feel very relieved and confident that my cult and I are on the end of the spectrum where things are kind and nurturing. 

Although that sounds braggy - and I might be deeply unhinged.. 

That was the coffee speaking. 

Did anyone appreciate that I wrote: My cult and I  - and not - me and my cult. 


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