Friday, April 19, 2024

FEB from Sharen

I usually show the envelope first - but I can't get the photos to move. There was a charming little card with a thank you for the exchange - and another flower enclosure. I like those rounded corners.

And here is the envelope with Sharen's pretty pointed pen addressing.

The adjective I was needing a few days ago had to do with identifying the qualities of my writing that made the words blog-worthy. Since I have the utmost respect for good writing and I've often wished I had time (or had taken the time a while back) to hone those skills - I've made peace with the fact that I am a conversational writer and my audience is what it is - and I don't need to dig any deeper than that.

Whenever thank yous arrive in emails or in the envelopes like this one from Sharen - it's the perfect reminder that it is nice to make connections - and the thanks goes both ways.

We might sum this topic up tomorrow.

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