Wednesday, April 3, 2024

FEB from Grace - Lego Part 1

 Sooooo pretty --- almost makes me get my nibs out --- that might be my reward if I get my Lego project finished.

The project that is cutting into surfing and blogging is a big Lego project. My boys loved Legos. My mom loved Legos and collected all the instructions and put them into binders in case anyone would ever want to rebuild the original sets. 

We had enough space to store all the Legos after the boys outgrew them and they have been a  wonderful way to entertain the grandkids during their week-at-Nanna's each summer.

My mom had been compulsive about organizing them in trays and when the grandkids would leave, I would take everything apart and re-sort the pieces - but nobody showed any interest in following the original instructions. It was too hard to find specific pieces since there are about 100 speciality pieces - maybe more - I am not going to count them - except now that I said that I might have to.

I noticed that a lot of the space-series pieces were never used. Unless you had built the sets when they came out of the box, it was hard to understand how to get creative with the specialty pieces. Then there were the pirates and castle sets - and they, too, had a bunch of specialty pieces.

So, last July, after the grandkid's visit, I put all the Legos in the guest bedroom and planned on putting all the sets together, following the directions - to restore them to original sets. I guess this will be a 2-part story.

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