Saturday, April 13, 2024

FEB from Kristine - noun/adjective/grammar

Red on pink. And touches of green. When I was a kid - I thought pink and red was a seriously clashing combination. Over the years it grew on me. I'm not sure I would have thought to add green - and Kristine really lucked out because green on pink could have been seriously muddy.

So yesterday I couldn't find a word for the feeling I was having about having 30 posts to fill with words. I have cut back dramatically on my surfing and I always loved the wide variety of things that I used to find. But, somewhere along the line I realized that there were some urgent matters to take care clearing out the Legos before I check into my retirement community.

On top of it - I get some lovely messages from readers who like the blog - so there is the hope that I can continue to keep the posts (insert adjective) - something other than a waste of time.

Great -- now we need two words - a feeling and an adjective. I guess feelings are nouns? I was always a high scoring student in grammar. This will become a topic to fill tomorrow's post.


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