Sunday, April 7, 2024

FEB from Ming + Matt Green

Ming has been working on her pointed pen - also her legible penmanship that has a feel of script, but the letters are not joined so technically it is not a script. I guess we could call it italic monoline. (Monoline means it does not have thicks and thins) I love that border. And the frosting on the cake is the flourishing. Her card on the inside is also a very nice example of how a grid will never let you down as a framework for balance.

My off-topic for today and tomorrow is a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. But, I only recommend it to people with a lot of a patience. I think we all find that patience is variable. We have a lot, for things that interest us.  And not so much for things that do not interest us.

This movie is about a man who decided to get a map of NYC and keep track of his walks so that he could say that he had walked along every single street, including parks and cemeteries. A rough estimate is that it is 8,000 miles. A little way into the movie we find out that prior to this walk, he walked from Rockaway Beach NY to Rockaway Beach OR. 

If you are already wildly interested - Google - Matt Green walking and pick any article. The documentary is currently free to view on Amazon Prime video.

The film starts out pretty slow and I came close to ditching it - but was so glad that I settled into the pace. Tomorrow I will talk about some of the things that I think make it worthwhile - without spoiling any of the delight in some of the things he discovered.


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