Monday, April 22, 2024

MAR to Hudson USPS - Background issues

These three are to the clerks at the post office in Hudson NH and I left an N out of Christanna's name so I will be sending three more. The JO in Jordan is way off. I have some better ideas for when I do a correction for Christina. Anyone with lots of time to fill may send some happy mail to Hudson if you like these names. Am I the only one who has preferences for certain kinds of names? I put these three in a larger envelope - addressed to Paula - the clerk who sent the names of her co-workers. The stamps on these envelopes are *used.*


And the black borders are where I used the tool to remove the background - but on Allison's - the tool worked and did not leave the black border. It will not be hard to remember that I do not want to try any photo modification options - because they have minds of their own.

Our new POV for everything is going to be KIS - Keep it simple. 
It is 2:30 pm and this is super boring blurb writing - apologies - I will refrain from writing blurbs in the PM.
Blurb writing should happen right after the morning coffee. 
Serial posts -- stories that go on for a few days - seem to be better.
I have 14 days to fill - I wonder if I can think of some stories?

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