Tuesday, July 23, 2019

PTEX Warm Fuzzies from CaroleV and Inta

All kinds of sweet images from these two exchangers. Carole sent two in April - as she wanted to observe my birthday. Thank you.
And if you are looking at a big screen, click it to enlarge the image and admire the tiny hand stitching on the card.

Maybe Carole will drop me an email and tell me how she gets the stitches so even. Does she have a template or what?

Shout out the BHB - she added you to the envelope. I don't think the BHB appreciates all the props he gets from exchangers. Will anyone tell me what *props* means? I know it means to acknowledge something positive -- but where does it come from? I can already hear myself saying -duh- when I find out. Plus I could just Google it - but sometimes it is more fun to ask my readers. Like the time I asked what the official name was of the 2D football shape. Finnbadger did the research and told me it is called a lens. What about the 3D football shape? Does it have a name?

Inta does lovely handmade envelopes. and the enclosed card looks like me a few decades ago. Although, I would have been writing, not reading....

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  1. Props is to give proper respect or proper recognition. How's that?