Friday, July 12, 2019

May PTEX to Lauren and J - Copernicus and J

Way back when, I had a stash of stamps with people. I would put a row of them across the top of an envelope and have them saying things. If it was a birthday greeting, Copernicus would say, "Yes, the sun does revolve around you. But only on your birthday."

It was nice when I added up the postage and saw that it was enough.

No - it is not enough.
I have to add a stamp.
I do not remember what I added. Maybe a coffee pot.

It concerns me that I can't remember all the multiplication tables. But, there is something even worse than that. Forgetting who you are. That's definitely worse. If you missed the 60 Minutes piece about FTD - you might want to check it out. A whole new disease that they have sprung upon us. One lady described that she first realized that something was wrong when she saw herself in a mirror and did not have the slightest idea who was looking at her. Yes, FTD is the correct set of letters. No, it has nothing to do with flowers. Frontotemporal Dementia.

On a lighter note. I liked the idea but I choked on the execution. Maybe Bruce can fix it with some nice cancels....

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