Thursday, July 25, 2019

PTEX Red from KateR and Anthea

Kate's Neuland should have gone with the others, but my new system is *get-em-up* -- as the mail arrives, it gets put in a stack and once a month, I have a posting party.

May 4th - done with the April Exchange - except for the late people. I doubt anyone noticed, but I stopped putting the month in the subject line. It dawned on me that which month mail arrives is not important. If it is themed - then that will speak for itself.

Nice colors on Kate's. I believe I was fulfilling my dream of being an actual drug pusher and talked her into buying a set of markers with a ton of colors. I hope she lets us know that it was a life altering move - in a good way.

Anthea's envelope is complimentary in colors. I do not dish any advice to Anthea because she has a clear point of view that includes collage and I have not done enough collage to have anything to say about it.

Yesterday I got into a pretty intense debate with three other people. Two of us were *I have never been and will never go to a Disney theme park.*  The other two proceeded to list all the things that they think we are missing by not going. I insisted that I would be happy to go if they wanted to foot the entire bill. Otherwise I would be spending my travel dollars in other ways. For example -- I would rather go to a collage workshop with the John Stevens of collage. I do not know who that person is. But it would be fun to find out.  Lucky for me, I am currently on the wagon regarding surfing. But, if any readers want to toss out a name - I'd be happy to know who the current John Stevens of collage is.

Anthea's envelope - with one of my all time favorite vintage stamps. The red lanterns. They are so pretty on the black. The little red bird in the artwork and the woodpecker are another nice combo.

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