Sunday, July 21, 2019

PTEX from GraceH and Jolene

Grace H has done at least one previous envelope with the month as a base design. I love these stamps - and might have to get some.

This is Jolene's first time exchanging. She contacted me when she moved back to Des Moines and we got together for coffee. She really made me wish that we still had a calligraphy group that got together --
but we both agreed that it would be up to some younger people to get one going again.

Jolene's *confetti* compliments the cherry blossoms. I am writing this on May 4th - and we are smack dab in the middle of flowering tree season. 50% pretty and 50% people with allergies and sinus infections. I just want to wail --- *whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy* Why do plants have to attack us? I guess they have their reasons. Maybe because we chop them down and make paper? Is that it? I am not an allergy sufferer any more. But, I did have a spell that left me enormously sympathetic to those who do suffer.

P.S. added on July 14th.
Jolene inspired me to figure out an alternative to another guild. We have had two meetings and as soon as I am back in town, we will launch the new concept. If there are any readers who live in Des Moines who want more info - please drop me an email at jmwilson411-at-yahoo-dot-com

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