Monday, July 15, 2019

PTEX Catus flowers from Lynne (and Jessica)

Lynne and Jesssica both used the cactus flower stamps. I probably won't get around to buying any of them. They are pretty - but some of the other choices are tugging harder.

Lynne did a nice watercolor that she says is a succulent, so maybe she painted it from something specific.

Jessica used colored pencils and did a little scene. I like the half-inch of land at the bottom for the barcode.

Both of these can serve as a reminder to make the addresses legible. We continue to have issues when the addresses are hard for the postal machines and people to figure out.


Somehow I have misplaced the image of Jessica's envelope. I'm leaving the comments in with the hope that i find it and add it.

**** Found it.

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