Sunday, July 14, 2019

Bonus Post -

Today's regular post is below and this post has nothing to do with envelopes. It is a psycho-neurotic rant about the stupid things I do when I should know better. So just skip it, unless you have nothing to do.

First - shout out and thank you to Miss Cathy for sending this wonderful peek into the future. Also, Chuck sent me the names of his favorite groups. In first place Tangerine Dream, then Faun and Eivor and Katrin Froder. First two are German and third one is From Norway. I'll have to go surfing on YouTube.

Here is the rant.

I was so happy to find Tome to fill my shoes - take over teaching. There are very few people who do commissions in Des Moines - so I can send those jobs her way, too. Of course, I offered to help her out if she ever needed anything. A week ago, she had someone call her to do a Quaker wedding certificate. She did not have time so I agreed to do it but warned the client I was leaving on July 15th, so it would have to be a rush job. No problem, they had the exact layout they wanted. It all seemed easy, until I had to actually put it all on paper.

I always do the first one with the idea that I will do a second one. It never fails, there is always some very minor issue that I can only see after the whole things is done. So, I always do a second one and the second one is always better, but I have the reassurance that if I mess up the second one, the first one will be fine. That way, I always have a spare for my portfolio. So, I did the first one and did something really stupid and thought - gee - this one is not going to be the OK back up one. So, I did the second one - thinking - this one has to be good because I really don't have a back-up.

That was the wrong way to be thinking. I should have known that would make me do something stupid and of course I did. So, then I had to do a third one.

Now, I have the whole thing done. All the writing and the decorative border and the gold banner at the top. And all I have to do is write BEFORE FAMILY & FRIENDS in the border - and I am freaking out. I guess I just have to drink my noon coffee and do it.

I'll file a report after it is done.

It's fine.
I can always find things that I would fix.
But, they wanted the kraft paper look - and I found some Strathmore that is kraftish.
It was not easy to write on. So all of the issues I have with the final are related to the paper's refusal to cooperate. I am tempted to redo the whole thing on paper that I like and show them how much better it is - but - I have other things I should be doing.

Like writing thank yous to all the nice people who thank me for running the exchange.
I did not put myself on any lists this month and I actually had FUN working on the pile of thank yous that I needed to get done. So - I'll have some happy blog posts instead of my endless whining.



P.S. to Chuck
Rainbow's mother gave this shirt to Hunter (my second generation DeadHead)
Stanley Mouse artwork - dated 1981.
The shirt is 7 years older than Hunter.

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