Friday, July 5, 2019

PTEX from CathyO - Black Winner

When this one arrived, I sent an email to CathyO that said, "You win." Cathy knows that it is not a contest - but it is nearly impossible to refrain from making comparisons.

When I encourage beginners to go ahead and do a wedding envelope job - even though they know their skills are modest -- I always say "Trust me. Whatever you do will be ten times better than the horrific penmanship of the people invited to the wedding. The chances of there being a skilled calligrapher on the guest list are slim to none." People know I am right. And if they heed my advice and address the envelopes, they always report back that they received tons of compliments. Then they have confidence to do the next set - and they are off and running.

On the blog, I try to emphasize that it is not a competition, we avoid judging and comparisons. However, this envelope is one that just jumped out at me as above and beyond anything I do.

Here is the punchline.

Inside is a note telling me that she *stole* the idea from John Stevens - off InstaGram. It is not stealing if you divulge your source. It is being inspired by the supreme, foremost, premier, predominant, preeminent, superior (and more) calligrapher in all the land. John would not put his ideas out there if he did not intend for us to use them. He sees all the wonky stuff that people post -- and he would be very happy to see that we are picking up really good stuff from him and spinning our own versions. Especially when we mention him. And if you think there is anyone better than John -- go ahead and nominate them. To me he gets top honors because of his range and consistency.

So -- go forth and learn from Johns work. Embrace his concepts and give him credit.

Or - not. It is entirely up to you.
Maybe you like to putter on your own.
That's perfectly fine with me.
I love all the envelopes I receive equally -- I really do -- because I sometimes hear the back stories that go with the envelopes and I know that exchangers truly enjoy the time they spend on the envelopes and that quality time is the value to both the sender and the receiver.

Here is the card that was inside -

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