Saturday, June 22, 2024

May to Jean - gifting rocks

I finished the last four letters in Jean's last name - making the outline bolder. I left it this way in the photo so that you could see the improvement. The first name might have been better filled in with something - but not more of that texture - maybe it's OK. The amount of white space is pleasing to my eye. Those stamps can handle a bold name and address.


If you have just dropped into this blog - we are talking about me meeting a lovely lady (LL) and our mutual love of rocks from the north shore of Lake Superior.

LL said wistfully, referring to her big basket of rocks - "I used to have so many more - but there was that big delegation from (insert an important country) who were in town for a conference and they were here for a dinner and admiring the rocks. We talked about where they were from and the people seemed sincerely interested in the rocks so I invited them to each take one...... and wouldn't you know it, they took THE BEST ONES."

I had an immediate sense of empathy. LL had a luxurious life on multiple levels - and yet here she was showing that weird *thing* we get for our *stuff.* Later, I pondered that it was probably silly to think that some of the stones were better than others. It's more about our hoarding nature - or something along those lines. Do people who live right on the north shore have a *thing* for those rocks?

At one time, I had a nice pile of north shore stones - and now I have forgotten what happened to them. I think I gave them to someone who was gaga over them.

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