Thursday, June 13, 2024

March from Sharen to Caroline - The Organized Mind

Sharen, a newer exchanger, is launching her adventure with Spencerian. She also included some fun goodies inside the envelope. As I write this - it is the day after I received more Spencerian from her in the April exchange. Apparently she does not have a FearOfJean - and asked me for feedback. For anyone who has done a lot of copperplate - and then tries Spencerian - some of us who do something we call Spencerplate. It has qualities of both. I actually love Spencerplate - and think it deserves respect and to be a valid style. Spencerian has HUGE caps and tiny little lower case. Spencerplate keeps the proportion of cap to l.c. more like copperplate. The other difference is that Spencerian was designed to be a running hand, one used for writing letters - so it is often very s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d o-u-t. This can make it very hard to fit on an envelope. People who love the original Spencerian often use business sized envelopes to make things fit better.


While we do not get any clear answers, I did get food for thought from - The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin. Keep in mind, I only listen to books and my memory is sketchy - but, this might be close to what was written.

As *they* keep getting better at *seeing* how the brain works - there was something about the part of the brain that is associated with creativity and art - that lights up in the same way that the part that involves morals or something along those lines lights up. I'm using morals as the *thing* that would -in theory- make people be nice and polite.

<more snipping here - and eventually I wrote> - art became a *deeper thing.* 

And when I say art - I include music, theater, dance, sports, gardening, and every other activity that gives people that sense of *whatever.* 

There's another part of this to add - tomorrow.

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