Sunday, June 2, 2024

Feb to Ming and Phillip - rogue post

My fool proof system is not fool proof. So we will call the random envelopes that didn't stay in their folders - rogues. I would not have noticed or found these - except Sharon asked me what the style of lettering was on the black envelope with white scroll tip. She thought it looked a little bit like foundational - which I can see.

It is no particular style - it is what I do when I feel like making consistent-ish letters with a nib but without looking at any exemplars. I use a few shapes from foundational and French Roundhand. I also have some branching that looks rather italic. The proportion of cap to lower case is a bit like italic. 

Anyone who has studied seriously or teaches would probably cringe at how mixed up the details are. Although, part of me likes the idea that it is simply how I write when I am writing and not calligraphing.

I used up my Roy Lichtenstein stamps because it was time to move on.  And Sharon's envelope is not here because I forgot to block her address and now I can't figure out where these images are located. <sigh>


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