Thursday, June 6, 2024

March to Caroline from Leslie - POV


Leslie's envelope for Caroline is a perfect sentiment. Caroline has been one of those people who provided a lot of sunshine and rainbows to many people. She was gifted at so many aesthetic things. With her close friends, she had a polite way of suggesting alternative room arrangements - and her close friends were happy to have Caroline rearrange the furniture. Her suggestions were always improvements. As word got around - and more people were calling her to come look at their rooms and make suggestions, she ended up turning it into a business. It wasn't full service interior design - she just offered suggestions to people who preferred to execute the ideas on their own. To me, it was a unique idea for a business - and it certainly spread sunshine - because there are plenty of people who don't have a big budget for interior design - but they need some help pulling things together and choosing colors.


Back on April 20th I was jabbering about POV and wondering if it meant *point of view* and also wondering if it was a trendy term - and wondered if I was up on that trend if it was a trend - and then I thought that as *we* get older it gets harder to keep track of trends.

I've been re-watching some of the old Project Runway programs and they talk about point of view quite often. I always enjoyed the program because it involved an assignment (design challenge) and the conversation included all the things I remembered from design classes. I've been surprised that while I recall some of the people, I had completely forgotten the challenges and what they made. 


This just in - from Clover - a new online magazine for stamp collectors.

LINK to StampED magazine

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