Saturday, June 15, 2024

March from Carolyn, Jessica, Kristine and ??? - Jello/gelatin

We are ganging everything left in the Caroline folder - because there are no more *pre-scheduled* blurbs. I will be taking a 2 week sabbatical from blurb writing - and tomorrow will be the beginning of a new series. 

Carolyn's envelope to Caroline is fun a steal worthy - side note: Caroline pronounces her name Carolyn which means people are forever misspelling her name. There were numerous times when clients brought guest lists with Caroline's name and I had to politely inform them that they had the wrong spelling.

Fun envelopes from Jessica and Kristine -- and then ......

.... somehow I lost track of which envelope included these pretty yellow roses. It might have been Lynne.  

Also -- apologies to Susan - I know I saw her envelope - but I can't find a photo - I'll try to get one.



I came close to deleting this because it seems silly - but part of the blog's vibe is a little bit of silly from time to time. 

As promised - we will ponder Jello - however, in the UK it is called jelly. On IG there are videos of the molded items jiggling in slow motion. I imagine our coastal readers are rolling their eyes at all of this. Jello is a very midwestern thing. Although - with the way the costal people like crazy *new* things, it would not surprise me if gelatin based desserts will have their *moment* at some point.

and this is not my friend Caroline - it's another Caroline.

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