Wednesday, June 5, 2024

March to Caroline from Christy and Sharon - penmanship


Christy bounced the eggs out of the basket - which is a fun way to pull a design element off the stamp. I especially like the way she wrote Caroline in script over the top of the block lettered Caroline. I shall be appropriating this idea (hopefully I'll r.e.m.e.m.b.e.r.) I know how to stack two names - the part I never thought about was stacking the same name.

Sharon went with the Easter egg theme as well - the little chicks on the envelope are checking out the crane on the stamp.


The USPS has *Informed Delivery* where they will send you an email with scans of the mail that is arriving. On April 10, I was anticipating maybe one or two exchange envelopes - since there are usually a few that arrive before the middle of the month. Instead I found this:

I cropped it - to make the image larger. I also did a search for the Elliotts at 420 49th - which is 5 blocks west of me. This is perplexing penmanship. Clearly, the person has an interest in *flair* which we see on the T. That *th* thing after the 49 is not really anything - just a squiggle - but it relates to the flair at the beginning.

Obviously - the way the *th* touches the 9 - the scanner thought it was a 4. Perhaps the carrier will notice it and not deliver it to my house. My son who did some delivering when he first *went postal* says that they are supposed to flip through the stack of mail as they walk from house to house and confirm that the sorting has been done correctly. But, I can't imagine someone double checking every piece of mail.

Am I tempted to sit on the front steps all day to make sure I greet my carrier and see whether it makes it all the way to my house. Yes - tempted - but will not actually do that.

Why is the S in Elliotts so large? Why is the i so small? The dot is larger than the stroke. And the i in Moines is just the dot. And look at the 2s - odd little squiggle in the 420 and a mutant symbol on the zip - as if that urge to flourish or add some flair kicks in at the end.

They used script on the The and the rest is manuscript printing. I'm guessing it was written by a women who learned cursive in the 90s. 

Perhaps there will be more clues on the flip side of the envelope when it arrives. Perhaps I will rein myself in and get something accomplished today. The weeds are taunting me.

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