Monday, June 17, 2024

May to Cathy - Brain talk

This one changed after I photographed it and not for the better - but it didn't get worse. I colored in some dots with pale blue and green - also added Cathy's last name in the space under the H. This one came close to being a *deep regret insert* in a better envelope - but, I thought it went well with the stamp. That sheet of stamps is fantastic. I might have to get some more of them.


Another tidbit from The Organized Mind that we've probably all heard before is that there are 2 major styles of functioning - one is when you are focused and your brain is cooperating with the plan for the current activity. The other is that *down time* when you are awake, but maybe staring off at something and your mind is wandering and random thoughts pop up - and sometimes it's one of those eureka moments in the shower - when the creative side is in charge.

Those two styles do not operate at the same time. I have no idea how much control people have over which style is turned on or how to switch if you need to. If I find out, I'll let you know. But the point that resonated with me - is that they do not work TOGETHER at the same time. It's one-at-a-time. 

For me - this totally explains the weirdness of so many things. This might branch into some other topics.

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