Tuesday, June 11, 2024

March from Juliana to Caroline -- politeness dead end


Juliana went with the blue + flower suggestion. She's also done the thing that I am doing quite often which is to corral the design in a panel on the left - leaving space for the address to be clear and scanner-friendly. 

Writing all these blurbs about Caroline has nudged so many memories out of the dusty parts of my brain. She used to show up at my studio, sometimes with co-hostess friends, needing custom invitations. It was always fun to work on her projects. It's too bad that so much of my work was done before phone-photos became a part of our lives. It would have been fun to have an archive of everything I designed for Caroline. I remember one invitation printed on brown paper bags. We had to figure out how to run them through the printer.


Yesterday I asked why it's so hard to be polite. I Googled the question and there were a variety of reasons. The one that popped out at me was *cultural differences.* That's a big one and it's not limited to the differences between brash Americans and not-brash other countries. I chose that example to be polite. Not all of us are brash - I know I've come across as brash - when inside my own head, I'm shy and retiring.

It still bothers me that there have been times when I was making a concerted effort to be diplomatic and polite - but my words came across as anything but.

This is a side-track that went off on a tangent - and I came back and edited it - so this is now a dead end.

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