Monday, November 20, 2023

Sept from Patty - sock game

How many of us are going to be stealing this idea? I have only used a couple of my stamps off this sheet. And I love the quilty design on the card. The clear address on the envelope is a good idea. Patty and Mary and I had an email conversation about why the PO is having trouble delivering to Patty. We have no idea - but, I said I would mention - once again - make your addresses clear and readable by a scanner - or be prepared for late delivery.


I'm almost done with the posts - that I am writing while I am on one of my mercy missions in Chicago. A mercy mission is when I just get all the daily chores done so that my daughter can get to some of the things on her *never-gets-done-list.* During the school year, the schedule is full so I don't get time to do any of the things someone like me would do in Chicago. If I'm going to have fun, I need to think up new games at the house - and the older the kids get the harder it is.

I saw a game for toddlers on Instagram that I lured these older kids into doing - and it was a big hit. If you have grandkids, I highly recommend this. You'll need someone about 7 or younger to get it started. Then an older one might want to join in.

You need a doorway in the middle of a fairly long hallway - or it could be a doorway off of a great room- towards the middle. My daughter has a pantry that opens onto a stretch of kitchen/great room/dining room - that gave the kids a good 30+ feet to run on either side of the doorway. 

Nanna gets a big pile of socks that are *balled up* and sits on the floor in the pantry. The kids run back and forth - and Nanna tries to throw the sock-balls and hit them as they run past the doorway. Nanna can hear them coming - but her aim is not very good - so she misses about 90% of the time. After all the socks have been thrown - the kids have to collect all the socks and return them for round two.

So - picture this game with a toddler -- they tend to last a lot longer at some of these silly games - but - I was pretty happy with how long the 7 yr old lasted. The 10 year old was upstairs and heard all the running and noise that comes with any kind of target based game. She thought that little brother had a rowdy friend over. When she came down and discovered that it was just Nanna and a pile of socks - she wanted to join. Having two of them was pretty good. The 10 year old didn't last very long. 

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  1. We have a bucket of felt "snowballs" that look like those balls you put in the dryer(do those things work?), that would be great for this game, but hey, socks are a great idea.