Wednesday, November 29, 2023

From Mia in Oct - Legacy - part 2


We can assume that Mia had some fun spattering on sheets of paper and then folding them into self-mailers. I think that is what we call things that fold up and perform the same service as an envelope. It went through the mail just fine. This needs to go in a folder that I will not lose - because I have a finite number of envelopes and will run out eventually. There will still be plenty of paper - so I will be doing things like this....eventually. 

Part 2 of the legacy conversation.

After explaining that I had only pipe dreamed about mastering any particular style because mid 40s is not a good time to take up something like calligraphy when you have to maintain order in a house with teenagers and a spouse that was gone most of the time maintaining the steady flow of income to provide  housing, nachos, orthodontics, skates, ice skates, roller blades, speed skates, etc. 

It did not sadden me to know that I would never have the time required to be a master. I busied myself with maintaining an adequate level of skill. It was a stroke of luck (or fate) that Cheryl Adams (my calligraphy teacher) decided to retire from her calligraphy career and home school her offspring - which nudged me into teaching and in so many ways - I felt like my contribution to the community was worth a lot more than honing my own skills just for my own satisfaction.

Still too long - one more day to make my point.

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