Thursday, April 18, 2019

March PTEX to Daine (and black reject)

Diane received two envelopes. This was the outer envelope and the inner envelope is below. I went back and forth on the black one - and eventually decided it just looked like germs instead of happy dots. It did not help that I was in the middle of reading a book about some people who spent a couple weeks in Honduras solving a very old mystery. They found a lost city - buried in the jungle. Native people had many legends connected with the site and they all included warnings. The outsiders should have heeded the warning.

Many of the people who were on the expedition came down with leishmaniasis. It is the second deadliest parasitic disease in the world and kills sixty thousand people yearly. They can tell that the disease is ancient - also - the lost city in Honduras was probably wiped out by the diseases that the colonial explorers brought to the new world -- but the disease seems to be extracting its revenge.  I don't want to alarm anyone about what's up with this disease. If you want the details, the book is The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston. If you are even a tiny bit squeamish, don't read it. I'm not even sure why it caught my eye... the disease isn't even the worst part - snakes worse than anything I've ever heard of and at night - the entire campsite was carpeted with cockroaches.

I was able to peel the stamps off and use them on other envelopes.

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