Saturday, May 4, 2024

MAR to Patty and Leslie

Patty used this stamp on an envelope to me (with items off the stamp turned into lettering) which inspired me to do something similar. Below is the practice I did because I knew it would be impossible to get it right in one shot. I wish I had done two practices or used a smaller envelope. The proportions are a little off - but, it's pretty good. I think the looser flowers are better on the practice one. That's one of the hardest parts for me - finding the balance between careful enough that it's not wild - but loose enough that it's not stiff. The final P is better because the scoop of ice cream needed to be larger. The tt is better on the final because I had loosened up and they fit together better. I can't decide which A I like better. Probably the practice - but maybe not. 

It's exactly like all those other places where you have to be tight and controlled and also relaxed and free at the same time. I like that I know that - but it is also frustrating to know how hard it is to be in that zone.

Which brings us to Exhibit B - I was loose enough that I liked 75% of Leslie's - but the balloons needed something - and I knew I'd mess it up - so I let it go - with moderately deep regret. <sigh>  I should probably buy another sheet of those stamps - the colors are yummy.


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