Sunday, May 12, 2024

APR to Susan - Balloon fighters


Fix It -or- Wreck It?  Welcome to a new series where I spend a ridiculous amount of time on a name and I know that it's not going anywhere - but I seldom give up on the idea that I might be able to fix it. Below is what I had started - and I had started with the fatal mistake of not having a stamp in mind. After I put in all that work - I went looking for stamps and found the *aging together* stamps. I remembered that Susan and I are both April-girls - and I'm ready to get rid of all those stamps - so as much as I did not care for the name or the fact that the stamp is not quite the right color - I went ahead and stuck the stamps on. 

No matter what happens - it is going in the mail - but, you are left wondering - did she fix it or wreck it?

Somehow the final version ended up in the May 27th blog post.


I have an 8 year old grandson. I think we need to try to build this out of cardboard. 

LINK to website..... where you can see a video of them in action.

Apologies for such silliness - I'm using the blog as a filing system for ideas to entertain the grandkids. Each year, they are older - and I need to stockpile some ideas.....

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