Saturday, May 11, 2024

APR to Lovie - Typewriter art

If you are wondering why I have jumped to April envelopes before posting the March envelopes that arrived in the exchange - it is because the March envelopes were sent to a friend at her home - and it was the middle of April before I had a chance to photograph them. Those envelopes will start on May 29th. 

Two more to the nice lady at our main post office who helped me out with the effort to get my son's mail forwarded from Tahoe to Iowa. The top one is silver gel pen. I haven't done ribbon writing in a while - I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I've done better at that other idea - with layering of styles and colors. This one is ho-hum because I didn't literally layer anything. The names need to overlap.


Here's a quick look at typewriter art. 

LINK to typewriter art website

LINK to James Cook's IG

LINK to his *big* piece

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