Monday, February 19, 2018

Purple Calligraphy Stamps to Tina + Donald Jackson Video

Super hard to part with these stamps.

Simple colored pencil Romans.

I have not done much study of Romans. They are beautiful....and deserve more attention...maybe someday....if any beginners care to listen to my good advice - it would be to take some time and really learn your Romans.

Also, I ran across these two videos by Donald Jackson. I have not watched them yet - but I'm guessing they are interesting, if you are curious about the history of writing.

My brush with the famous Donald Jackson. We were walking in opposite directions at the international calligraphy conference in St. Louis where he announced his St. John's Bible project. There weren't any other people around. I thought -- oh, oh, oh, this is my one chance to shake his hand - so I could say one day, "I shook Donald Jackson's hand." But, I thought that sounded lame. So I just smiled and nodded and he smiled and nodded. I think I heard his thoughts spilling out of his ear. I think he was thinking, "I'm glad that housewife from Iowa didn't ask me to touch her hand."

History of Writing

above - parts 1 and 2
below - part 3 and 4

History of Writing (second hr)

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