Thursday, February 22, 2018

From Lynne or Maggie?

A Westchester postmark means this is from Maggie or Lynne. It is Feb 21st. I can only find the scan. If I find the envelope, before October, I will update this post.

Both Maggie and Lynne do really nice envelopes. I'm guessing one of them will recognize their witch hat and let me know.

Shout out to the Westchester regional airport. It is on my list of top two favorite airports. Santa Fe is my other favorite airport. Maybe I will put O'Hare on the list. Nobody likes O'Hare - and so far, I have not had anything really wretched happen to me at O'Hare.


  1. Ooops - this was supposed to be scheduled to appear in October. Too late. I'll just leave it here.

    1. It was mine! A you-tube video on how to draw a withes hat since I have no artistic ability what-so-ever!!!

    2. Thanks for letting us know. Also - I hope to do a few posts encouraging people to take advantage of all the fun tutorials online. Envelopes are a perfect place to try drawing, etc.