Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bonus Post - Alan Blackman

Today's regular post is below.

Miss Cathy sent me the link to a talk given by Alan Blackman. I have not watched it yet but I am sure it is wonderful. I was introduced to Alan's envelopes very early in my calligraphic journey. They inspired me to dive into this world of envelopes.'s Saturday...a day to kick back and kill a hour. Or an hour and 40 minutes.

Alan Blackman

If it turns out that there are no images of his envelope on the video - then you probably need to Google *Alan Blackman envelopes* to get an idea of how spectacular they area.

A startling number of envelopes from this blog show up when you Google's nice to rub elbows with one of the people who inspired me the most.

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  1. Mr. Blackman is such a sensitive and thoughtful speaker. So wonderful to listen to an artist explain his process . Lots and lots of visuals of his envelopes.