Friday, March 1, 2013

jackie fermi & smash

above is a peek at some new stamps that will be issued this year. i could easily find a months worth of ideas off each stamp. anyone who wants these stamps delivered to your house, you can order them online at  - click on - shop - then in the left col, click on new stamps - go to pg 6 and you can preorder them, and as soon as they are issued, they will mail you a sheet. there is a shipping charge, a little over $1.

below is the first fermi-stamped envelope that i posted.
if you go to the search box in the right-hand column, and search *jackie 18* it will take you to april 7, 2010

tomorrow and sunday will be *something different* and then next week we will start the mimi challenge.

below the jackie envelope, is one from susan mashman. she cut out the wilson from the flip side of security envelopes. it looks really nice with the stamp. also, hanging the WILSON off to the left is a nice arrangement for an envelope. make a note and use that layout if you don't already have it in your tool box

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